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Lightware Testimonials

"After 2 long trips to the rain-sodden Rwenzori mountains, a foot crossing of the Karamoja desert in Uganda, seven months and 4000 KM on horse and camel in Mongolia from the Russian to the Chinese border, crossing the Gobi Desert and traversing the Altai and Hangay Ranges, my Lightware Backpack and 1420 cases -- not to mention my cameras and lights -- are in great shape and still going strong. At the end of each trip I've just wiped the cases off with a damp rag and they've been ready to go into the bank boardroom for that tough shot of the chairman's head.

The Lightware Backpack (see the Backpacks section) is one of the most durable cases I've ever seen, practically indestructible -- and we've given it a pretty tough test. Rigid and comfortable; it's like wearing a good frame pack. And it doesn't seem to mind getting kicked by a horse, used as a chair by a couple of not-so-thin camel drivers, or stood on in the mud to get a better view. I haven't been gentle with this stuff at all because the demanding conditions of our photo trips just won't allow it and it seems to survive just fine.

While in the Gobi we used the MF1420 case (see the Multi Format Cases section) as an insulated film box. At night we would open up the case and let the cool air lower the temperature of the film. During the day we would load the case inside a bright yellow (Lightware) Waterproof Tough Tote (see the Accessories section), onto one of the camels for the sweltering walk. Frankly, we were surprised to open up the case every evening after a long ride in the sand and sun to find that the film had remained relatively cool.

In Mongolia the Waterproof Tough Tote was indispensable for keeping our equipment dry from rainstorms and river crossings as well as protecting it from the fine Gobi Desert dust. The bags are just incredibly durable -- much more so than any of the popular sport bags built especially for packing and canoeing -- and so waterproof that I'm sure we could have lasted a few of them together and made a river raft. Maybe we'll try it on the next trip. In the end, the taciturn Mongolian camel drivers gave Lightware the highest compliment they could think of, 'this is good stuff.' "

Images © David Pluth

"Anton/Bauer has completed the 1997 world tour! This bag traveled from Argentina to Moscow and everywhere in between. It proved to be a very valuable asset as we carted all our gear around."

MICHAEL ACCARDI Sales Manager for Anton Bauer

"I own more Lightware cases than anyone I know. That's my testimony of form and function. "


"It wasn't until a year ago that I realized how much I LOVED this case. I was doing a family portrait sitting on location. When I finished photographing I put my Lightware case behind the rear tire of my car and went to the driver's side to pop open the trunk. Then I looked at my watch and realized I was late for my next appointment. I jumped in the car, and put it into reverse. The rear right tire pushed the case down the long driveway, and then when it hit the street I RAN RIGHT OVER THE CASE! I thought I had run over my client's dog when I felt the thump-thump. In the rear-view mirror I saw my Lightware case - steaming. Naturally I was shaking when I jumped out of the car to retrieve it. The dusty track of the tire was clearly visible running diagonally across the face of the case, and it was gooey from the underside of the car, but miraculously nothing was damaged -- absolutely nothing!"


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