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Z300 $189.95
 L: 6in / 15cm
 W: 5.5in / 13.75cm
 H: 11in / 27.5cm
 L: 7.5in / 18.75cm
 W: 8in / 20cm
 H: 15in / 37.5cm
 2lb / .75kilo
Hidden "Trap Pack"
Mono Pod Strap Holder
Cushioned Handle
Shoulder Strap
Duralight Construction.

Click here to download product specs as a PDF.
 Lens "Z" Pocket (Z100)
 Rain Cover (RC110)
 Monopod Pad (MP100)
Designed to fit the Nikon, Canon and other 300mm 2.8 Lenses. Zippered flip lid has a detachable interior zippered "Trap Pack"pocket (patent pending) for a camera body, film, or accessories. Take out the Trap Pack and there's enough room to place the lens with camera body attached into the case.

Quick release fastex buckle allows the lid to be closed without having to zip it up. Ballistics fabric is waterproof (case is water resistant). Comes with a permanent adjustable shoulder strap. Adjustable exterior straps for Monopod.
Exterior pockets on 3 sides for press passes, pens & pencils and important papers, or detachable "Z" Pocket (patent pending). Optional detachable "Z"Pockets accessory pouches available. (Each case will accommodate up to 3 pockets).

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