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S1010 $382.95
 L: 14.5in / 36.25cm
 W: 9in / 22.5cm
 H: 16.25in / 40.63cm
 L: 17.5in / 43.75cm
 W: 12in / 30cm
 H: 19.25in / 48.13cm
 7.5lb / 2.8kilo
Airline Checkable
Lexan interior core
Core covered in impact resistant foam
One Foam insert
Optional shoulder strap attachments

Click here to download product specs as a PDF.
 Sm Head Pouch (H7010)
 Lg Head Pouch (H7020)
 Fleece X-Large (GS103)

Built with a rigid lightweight interior core of Lexan which is then covered with shock absorbent foam and padded hook compatible tricot.
All encapsulated in an exterior shell of puncture and abrasion resistant "ballistics material". Use it to carry four White Lightning Ultras (with foam between the Ultras).
Single compartment case will fit a Speedotron 812, 1205, 2401B, 2403, or 2405 power supply. Will hold a Bronclor Pulls 2 or 4 power supply.
Accommodates two Bowen Monolights. Will also hold a bunch of Lowell Tota Lights.
An 8 x 10 Deardorff with one 8 x 10 film holder can fit nicely in this case.
The case gives superior strength, shock absorption and insulative protection.

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