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C6024-24" Cargo Case

RC1038-Rolling Stand 38

RC1048-Rolling Stand 48


C6130-Stand Sack

C6140-Stand Sack

C6150-Stand Sack

C6099-Tripod Sling

C6038-Stand Sock

C6032-32" Cargo Case

C6042-42" Cargo Case

C6052-52" Cargo Case

C6037-Flip Lid 8 Cargo

C6050-50" Flip Lid

C6062-62" Flip Lid

RC1032-Roll Cargo 32

RC1042-Roll Cargo 42

Cargo Cases are made to carry all sorts of equipment that's not particularly delicate. Give us your light stands, your tripods, your booms, umbrellas and power cables. Toss in some portable lightbanks, head extension cables, clips, tape, and diffusion materials. Add some tools, black velvet, a little air, grids, barn doors, gels and reflectors.

If you want to carry flash heads or smaller strobe power supplies in a Cargo Case, first pack them inside a Head Pouch, then slip them inside the Cargo.Because our Cargo Cases and Head Pouches are designed to work together, use them both to protect all of your less durable items.
Also, remember to remove reflectors from flash heads. Reflectors that get dented while attached to heads can be next to impossible to remove. Instead, add extra foam into the tube cover to keep flash tubes secure.

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