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About Lightware

Multi Format Design

The Secret Is In The Shell
The unique qualities that set Lightware Multi Format Cases apart from all other cases are revealed in the shell. The interior super structure of all Lightware Multi Format Cases is a special rigid inner shell that is lightweight, insulative, shock absorbent and molded into a complete unibody shell. In other words, there are no joints to come apart. It 's made from a high density expanded closed cell foam sandwiched between a high impact polymer skin. This creates a lighter case that you can depend on to protect your livelihood.

Shocking Revelation
Pound for pound, this material has greater impact strength and rigidity than steel, aluminum or fiberglass. It provides greater protection than a metal structure because foam will absorb shock whereas metal will transmit shock. Therefore, the case takes the shock--not the equipment.

We're so confident in the strength of the inner shell that we guarantee it for life. So no matter what abuses your cases are subjected to, the inner shell is guaranteed to hold up. No other case manufacturer offers this guarantee.

A Tailored Fit
This unique shell is then covered with a shock absorbent foam padded sleeve covered with a hook and loop compatible tricot. In addition, a set of dividers which are also covered with foam and tricot can be cut to your exact specifications. With the help of a little hook material they can be positioned anywhere in the case or butted up against another divider to allow you to organize any type of equipment in whatever configuration best suits your working style. And because you can build the dividers around the equipment, you know that your gear won't be sliding around inside the case and will arrive completely secure and unscathed.

The Inside Story.

A Kinder, Gentler Case
Lightware, the originator of soft case technology is dedicated to quality and continued innovation. We pursue new technology in manufacturing, materials and new solutions in transporting your gear to your location. There are a number of people who have tried to imitate Lightware, but consider that an imitation does not necessarily indicate a knowledge of design or function. You'll notice many changes since the inception of Lightware. The results are stronger and much more versatile cases than ever before.

So Lighten Up
Lightware makes use of a variety of combinations of lightweight, shock absorbing materials resulting in ultra protective cases most of which you can even stand on (although for your safety, we don't encourage you to do it). All of our lightweight cases are designed to carry and protect many times their weight in cameras, lenses, power packs, flash heads, tripods, cords, film holders, film, umbrellas, and whatever else you can possibly think of to fit inside.
The quality of fabric is of primary concern in the ability of a case to wear well. Anything less will not hold up under heavy use. All Lightware cases are covered with a black colorfast "ballistics material" that is puncture and abrasion resistant. This soft as cotton textile is one of the most durable fabric materials available. This helps lighten the weight of your case and makes bearing the load of your equipment that much easier. Besides being puncture and abrasion resistant, the material is waterproof, resistant to acids, mold, alkalies, gasoline, oil and keytones and it's also fire retardant. Plus, it's smooth enough that it won't abrade your clothes or your skin.

As with any sewn product, once a needle punctures the waterproof barrier on the fabric, it will then allow water to seep through those areas. As a result, Lightware cases are water resistant, but they are not completely waterproof. Unfortunately, regardless of the strength or quality of fabric, the laws of nature dictate that fabric will eventually wear out.
Out of Control
Of course you can't control what the airlines do to your cases, but you can prolong the life of your case cover simply by treating it with a little extra care. Give it a swipe with a wet cloth after heavy use and don't drag it on the ground. Constant dragging will shorten the life of your case. Be sure that you use both handle straps together to avoid undue stress on the strap stitching.

Keeping It Cool. In The Heat!
If you're concerned about the ravages of temperature extremes, read on. The tough, inner fortress of materials in Lightware cases are so insulative that your equipment will be protected from the heat of the desert or the nip of the Antarctic. The R-value is nearly the same as your standard picnic cooler, so with a little blue ice, your Lightware case will even keep that spare six pack chilled for a post production celebration. So wherever you go, Lightware will keep your equipment safe.

Prime Parts
Just to make sure that all of your expensive equipment is protected, we pay special attention to all the little details. This is a big part of what makes Lightware the best choice.

We do not scrimp on the quality of the materials that go into a Lightware case. They are all superior quality goods and we sew and assemble our cases right here in Colorado.

We double stitch and surge our seams. This is perhaps one of the most important construction elements of any soft good. All quality clothing as well as mountaineering equipment is double stitched to withstand the rigors of handling and shipping. Surged seams keep fabrics from fraying and unravelling.

Cases with a potential to get heavy are reinforced on the bottom with a 2" nylon webbing that is designed to give extra protection to the zipper should someone accidently "drag" your case along the ground.

We also use a number 10 YKK self healing coil zipper that is double stitched in the seam. A heavy zipper properly placed is a vital aspect to the dependability of the case.


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